2018 League Schedule

D2 – Las Vegas Irish D2, Northern Arizona, Red Mountain and Tempe
D3 – Camelback, Las Vegas Irish D2, Old Pueblo, Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson

Associates: Prescott, Storm and Thunderbird

Fear Farm aka WSC field MAP

January 13
Old Pueblo 42 at LV Irish D3 17
Scottsdale 15 at Tucson 21
Phoenix 68 at Camelback 14 (Fear Farm #16 at 3pm)

January 20
Northern Arizona at Red Mountain (Field #16 10am)
B-side: Northern Arizona 10 at Red Mountain 43 (Field #16 11:45am)
LV Irish D2 24 at Tempe 40 (Field #16 1:30pm)
B-side: LV Irish D2 at Tempe (Field #16 3:15pm)
LV Irish D3 10 at Tucson 69 (Estevan)
Camelback 5 at Scottsdale 93 (Field #12 3pm)
Phoenix 45 at Old Pueblo 27
Chandler at Phoenix/Old Pueblo (Cancelled)
Prescott at Storm (Field #15 2:30pm)

January 27
Red Mountain 19 at Tempe 47 (Tempe Sport Complex 1pm)
B-Side: Red Mountain at Tempe (Tempe Sport Complex 3pm)
LV Irish D2 55 at Northern Arizona 15 (Flagstaff 1pm)
LV Irish D3 at Scottsdale (Field #1 Time 3pm)
Tucson 18 at Phoenix 41 (Field #4 3pm)
Old Pueblo 78 at Camelback 12 (Field #4 12:30pm)
Thunderbird at Chandler (Cancelled)
Storm at Thunderbird (1pm at Thunderbird)

February 3
Bye week for all teams

February 10
Tempe at Northern Arizona
Red Mountain at LV Irish D2
Phoenix at Scottsdale (at Fear Farm)
Tucson at LV Irish D3
Camelback at Old Pueblo
Storm at Chandler (Cancelled)
Prescott at Thunderbird

February 17
Phoenix at LV Irish D3
Tucson at Camelback (at Fear Farm)
Scottsdale at Old Pueblo

February 24
Pasadena at Tempe (at Fear Farm)
LV Irish D2 at Old Aztecs
Red Mountain at Oceanside
Huntington Beach at Northern Arizona
Scottsdale at Phoenix (at Fear Farm)
LV Irish D3 at Camelback (at Fear Farm)
Old Pueblo at Tucson
Chandler at Prescott (Cancelled)
Storm at Prescott
Thunderbird at Scottsdale/Phoenix

March 3
IRB Seven’s in Las Vegas

March 10
Tempe at Los Angeles
LV Irish D2 at Pasadena
San Frenando at Red Mountain (at Fear Farm)
Oceanside at Northern Arizona
Camelback at Phoenix (at Fear Farm)
Tucson at Scottsdale (at Fear Farm)
LV Irish D3 at Old Pueblo
Prescott at Scottsdale/Tucson (at Fear Farm)
Women: Old Pueblo Lightning at Tempe Ninjas (Fear Farm)

March 17
Tempe at LV Irish D2
Red Mountain at Northern Arizona
Camelback at Tucson
Old Pueblo at Phoenix (at Fear Farm)
Scottsdale at LV Irish D3
Thunderbird Alumni match 1pm at T-Bird

March 24
LV Irish D2 at Red Mountain (at Fear Farm)
Tucson at Old Pueblo
LV Irish D3 at Phoenix (at Fear Farm)
Scottsdale at Camelback (at Fear Farm)
Storm at Thunderbird

March 31
Northern Arizona at Tempe
Thunderbird at Prescott (New)

April 7
Tempe at Red Mountain (at Fear Farm)
Northern Arizona at LV Irish D2
Phoenix at Tucson
Old Pueblo at Scottsdale (at Fear Farm)
Camelback at LV Irish D3
Women: Belmont Shore at Tempe Ninjas (Fear Farm)

April 14
Old Aztecs at Tempe (at Fear Farm)
Ventura at LV Irish D2
Red Mountain at Huntington
Northern Arizona at Back Bay

April 21
Tempe at Ventura
LA Rugby Club at LV Irish
Back Bay at Red Mtn (at Fear Farm)
San Fernando at NAU
D3 Arizona #1 at Rio Grande #2
D3 Arizona #2 at Rio Grande #1

April 22
April 21 Winners to Sweet 16 spot

April 28
SoCal/AZ D2 Regional Quarter Finals Playoffs
D2 Group A (Pasdadena, LA, SFV, HB)
D2 Group B (Old Aztecs, Ventura, Back Bay, Oceanside)
D2 Group C (Tempe, LV Irish, Red Mtn, Northern Arizona)
QF1: A2 at B1
QF2: B2 at A1
QF3: WC2 at C1
QF4: WC1 at C2

May 5
SoCal/AZ D2 Regional Semi-Finals
WQF1 vs WQF4
WQF2 vs WQF3
SoCa/SW D3 Final
SoCal #1 at SW #1

May 12
SoCal/AZ D2 Regional Finals

May 19/20
National Play-offs – Elite 8 (Harmon Field Park in Fort Worth, Texas)

June 2/3
National Play-offs Finals – (Infinity Park Glendale Colorado)