Playoff’s Check-in Requirements

Documentation requirements for Regional and National Play-off’s

Information with regards to Eligibility and Check-in requirements for the Arizona / Rio Grande, Pacific South GU and National Play-offs.

1. Event Team Roster.
2. USA Rugby Public Team CIPP list
3. On file waivers for all participants.
4. Proof of Identification (Government issued ID).
5. Proof of Citizenship (US Birth certificate, US Passport, Green Card or copies for these with government ID).
6. National Play-off (not applicable to Regional play-off’s on April 20/21 and May 4th): Player must have played in at least three (3), or in at least 25%, whichever number is lower as determine in the CMS system.

LINKS to various Documents

Download: 2019 Event Roster

Download: 2019 Match Roster

Download: Waiver Form

Download: USA Rugby Eligibility and Regulations


Info on the USA Rugby website