Arizona Rugby Festival
Date: Saturday December 3rd 2016
Location: Scottsdale Sport Complex (North Scottsdale)
Address: 8081 E Princess Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

IMPORTANT: Each club must complete the LIABILITY form prior to kick-off in Saturday morning. You can fill this out and eamil it back to me however if you don’t have this on file your game will ┬ácancelled, delay or shorten until this form has been provided. I will have spare copied with me on Saturday mornig to!

Match Details
All players taking the field MUST be CIPP’ed with USA Rugby. Failure to comply could lead to suspension for the team and player or players involve. This is very important, please, please make sure all players are CIPP’ed!
Each team will play 3 matches.
First games will be at 8am and the last games will kick-off at 4pm. (Link to the match schedules)
Match Duration: 22 minute halves and 5 minutes half time.
Cards: Foul play will not be tolerated! 2 yellow cards or a red cards will be an automatic suspension for the rest of the tournament. Yellow card suspensions duration will be 7 minutes.

Complex Field Details
Fields 1 to 5 for the adult divisions matches (Men, Women and Old Boys).
Fields 5 and 6 will be primary fields use for the Seven’s tournament (U14, U16 and High School and Girls). We will use field 1 and 4 for the games after 5pm.
Fields 7 and 8 will be use for the Youth games (U8, U10, U12).

Complex Map

Complex Rules
Only parking in designated parking areas, you will be ticketed or towed if not parked appropriately and please be aware there are several parking lots.
Vehicles may not be driven or parked on turf areas, sidewalks, service driveways, or emergency zones.
Beer is allowed but only in cans.
No hard alcohol or wine is permitted.
Beer is NOT PERMITTED on playing fields.
Staking is not permitted. Pop-up tents, umbrellas, goals, etc. must be secured with sandbags.
No amplified sound allowed.
Parking in the surrounding neighborhood or using Princess Drive west of Hayden as a thoroughfare is not permitted.
No barbecuing. Open fires (including charcoal and propane) are prohibited.

Compete Park Use Regulations

Tournament Party
Location: American Legion Post #44
Time: 7pm to 10:30pm
Address: 7145 E Second Street, Scottsdale

Bring cash and legal ID. Only 21 and older can enter, in addition to the kegs we will provide the Legion also sell cheap drinks and premium bottle beer.

Important: Legion Hall is a private club for active and retired military veterans, we expect everyone to give them their well earned respect as members and veterans. Poor behavior will not be tolerated. Also NO ALCOHOL is allowed outside the premises or in the parking lot.

Old Boys
Youth Rugby
High School 7’s

Tournament Flyer